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Beating the hot summer doldrums is the bane of every out-of-school kid, not to mention the sweltering parents.  During the summer of 2006, Island Grove Village Apartments and The Grove Neighborhood Network offered some cool alternatives with its first "Visiting Artist Series."

Held on five Tuesday afternoons during June and July, the Series included a wide array of entertaining and enlightening Colorado folk artists showing their skills and sharing their passion in a relaxed and safe environment.

Hosted by IGV's highly successful Kaleidoscope Youth Program, with a mini-grant from the Colorado Council on the Arts, the Series brought different and divergent people together with art, music, dancing, and even a smattering of cowboy poetry.

"We at the Colorado Council on the Arts really want to provide children in our community with experiences involving our region's rich cultural traditions," explained Georgia Wier, who serves as folklorist for the City of Greeley Museums and the Colorado Council on the Arts.

"I'm so glad the youth at Island Grove Village will have the opportunity to learn from these grants."

Artists in the series included:

  • Ronn Miera, a santero who creates images in paint, wood, and straw;
  • Danny Many Horses Rael, international Native American recording artist and story-teller;
  • Zeb Dennis, cowboy poet and working cowboy;
  • George Antuna, Native American drummer and singer, member of The Morningstar Drum Group; and
  • Teresa McNeill, Native American drummer, singer, dancer, and member of The Morningstar Drum Group.

"I just love the kids at Island Grove," Many Horses said, recalling his first time with the Kaleidoscope Youth Program in 2005.  "They're curious, they're brave, and they're really hungry to discover new experiences.  And this year, because the Colorado Council on the Arts generously funded this series, kids and parents from all over Greeley will get a taste of the many cultures that make their town such a special place to live in."

All of the "Visiting Artist Series" events were free of charge, open to the public.