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There's something magical about Teresa McNeill, a slow, growing magnetism that we saw last summer when she taught dance.  We saw it again this summer when Teresa came to Island Grove Village Apartments as part of the "Visiting Artist Series."

A small group gathered around her on the lawn between two buildings as she chanted a little.  Heads began appearing out of apartment windows, kids stopped what they were doing and migrated toward her, adults leaned against buildings and listened.

The crowd grew.  Many of them stood off a bit.  But they listened.  They were silent.

She led us in making "prayer chains," small satchels tied to strings, to offer up our hopes or wishes or prayers.  Some of the bystanders and onlookers joined in, including our Habitat for Humanity neighbors.

She led us in dances, and more bystanders and onlookers joined in, some of them making their own small circles away from the actual dance itself.

"They don't have to stand here to feel the power," Teresa said, looking out at the recalcitrants.  She smiled and continued dancing and chanting.

Teresa's participation in the Kaleidoscope Youth Program "Visiting Artist Series" was generously funded by a grant from the Colorado Council on the Arts.

You can view photos of Teresa's dance class last summer here, here, and here, as well as the photos below.

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