Kaleidoscope Youth Program
at The Grove Neighborhood Network

Pitch, Kick, Dribble & Vault



Thursday of Pitch, Kick, Dribble, and Vault Week





Gymnastics - Learn about this great sport.  And it's not just for girls, you know.
Trampoline - How many moves can you do?
Trampoline Trickz - You have 99 seconds to bust as many trampoline tricks as you can.
Gymnastic Slider Puzzle - Help put this poor gymnast back together.  Please!
Gymnastics Revolution - Watch and learn how to do ALL the gymnastics moves.
Cheerleading Pyramids and Stunts - Create your own! 
Gator Gymnastics Hidden Pictures - Some cool things to find.
Gymnastic Coloring Page - Color this gymnast and print it.
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